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Here’s the deal with stories…
Good examples of a story:

One day my dog Wilma was walking through the park when she noticed a baby-carriage rolling down the path. Thinking quickly, Wilma ran in front of it and stopped it before it rolled into the pit of snakes! Wilma bruised her leg, but she’s fine now. She’s a hero to the baby – and to us!
I love my dog Bledsoe. My favorite thing to do during summer vacation is go to the empty parking lot down the street and watch Bledsoe catch frisbees and tennis balls.

Bad examples of a story:

One day I went to the store to get some corn chips and a ding dong. It was really cool. Then I drove home. Neat, huh? – Oh and I saw a dog
Dogs rule! I mean they really rock! They’re awesome! If I were a dog I’d be so cool! Dogs are just – just wicked cool!

Here’s the deal with pictures and Video

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